Kappa Alpha Theta

Alpha Rho Chapter University of South Dakota


Kappa Alpha Theta expects each member to achieve high scholarship and to develop to the fullest her intellectual, cultural, and social potential. Each chapter is required to set a definite scholarship average which members must maintain in order to retain the social privileges of active membership. In addition, each chapter is expected to maintain an average above the All-Sorority Average (ASA) on its campus, and chapter bylaws shall establish specific grade requirements for officers.


A Message from the Scholarship Director:


Kappa Alpha Theta never fails to push the women of the fraternity to become the best versions of themselves. Since becoming a member a little over a year ago, I have witnessed numerous ways that my sisters have pushed me to grow.  The fraternity is filled with women who are not only committed to their own academics, but also help and encourage each other to succeed in their academics as well.  Although we come to college to prepare us for our future careers, this preparation stretches beyond the classroom, and Kappa Alpha Theta pushes its women to excel in all aspects of their life.

Kappa Alpha Theta is proud to continue her tradition of striving for and achieving the highest scholarship for her members at the University of South Dakota. The Alpha Rho chapter has earned the accomplishment of top sorority GPA for 46 out of 49 semesters. Most importantly, Theta continues to dedicate herself to helping every individual woman of her chapter achieve her highest potential. By fostering individual excellence, our women continue to show their academic dedication by helping her fellow sisters.

Kappa Alpha Theta has developed several programs to foster a culture of academic excellence. The Twin Stars Program matches new members with upperclassmen within the same major(s). With this resource, our new members have the opportunity to receive unique and personalized advice on classes, professors, scheduling, study skills, campus resources, and student organizations starting at their first new member meeting.  This program also builds a unity by allowing our new members to meet and bond with upperclassmen.

Our chapter continues to reward our sisters’ hard work. To celebrate this hard work, members receive a scholarship pearl upon achieving a 4.0 GPA and a small gift for those who achieve above a 3.5 GPA. Members are encouraged to set personal GPA goals and are reminded of their goal throughout the semester through letters. We also reward top marks on exams and large papers by drawing two names out of the “A” jar at each weekly chapter meeting. One member is given candy and one initiated member receives a designated parking spot for that week.

Over $16,000 in scholarships are rewarded to Alpha Rho chapter members yearly by the Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Rho Foundation based on members’ grade point average, contributions to the house, and ability to foster positive relationships in the house.  The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation also offers many amazing scholarship opportunities each year.  The Founders Memorial Scholarship is an example of one such competitive scholarship opportunity, and our chapter nominates one outstanding junior every year to represent Alpha Rho Thetas.

Alpha Rho is extremely proud of our scholarship and reputation on campus for being hardworking collegiate women.  We aspire to keep this tradition strong throughout the coming years!

Theta Love & Mine,

Kjerstin Williams - Scholarship Director

Kappa Alpha Theta Awards & Honors:

  • Outstanding Sorority President of the Year; Kayla Pochop - 2015
  • Outstanding Sophomore Member; Molly Cahoy - 2015
  • Outstanding Alumni; Paula Keller - 2015, Renee Albright - 2016
  • Sorority of the Year - 2016
  • Golden Kite Award - 2014
  • Dakota Days Homecoming Royalty Queen - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Dean Joseph H. Cash Award for Excellence in Writing - 2015
  • Board of Regents' Academic Excellence Award - 2015, 2016
  • Outstanding Leadership and Service Award - 2015
  • Corinthian Pillar Award - 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Leadership Pillar Award - 2013, 2014
  • Citizenship Pillar Award - 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Scholarship Pillar Award - 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 1st place Strollers - 2013
  • Top GPA
  • 1st place in Greek Week - 2011 
  • Greek Week Scholarship Award - 2009

Scholarships Awarded from the Alpha Rho Foundation Include:

• The Beverly Newcomb Hunter Family Scholarship Award • The June Wagner Scholarship - For strong academic achievement and financial need • Muriel Rae Kenfield Award – For high academic achievement • Beatrice Bogue Paulson Award – For high academic achievement • Liz Lias Memorial Scholarship - For spirit and love of travel • Dorothy Morton Award – For good academic standing and solid contributions to the House• Dorothy Thompson Chaney Award – For exemplifying loyalty, generosity, and true womanhood • Claricie Visser Collins Award – For an active member of the chapter who is involved in extracurricular activities • Evelyn Maule Jones Award for Outstanding New Member (selected by house)• Evelyn Maule Jones Award for Outstanding Junior (selected by house) • Jacob Z. Esbenshade Award – For good academic standing (preference given to Education majors) • Evelyn Maule Jones Award – for Continued Education with Outstanding GPA • Evelyn Maule Jones Award – for Continued Education with Strong GPA • Evelyn Maule Jones Award – for Outstanding Academic Achievement and contributions to the house • Alpha Rho of Kappa Alpha Theta Awards– For Strong academic standing, contributions to the house, involvement in Theta and campus activities, and need

The women of Kappa Alpha Theta have earned many scholarships through the University of South Dakota and also from our chapters. The list of them is shown below:

• Mickelson Scholarship • Omaha Theta Alumni Scholarship • Rawlins Scholarship • Presidential Alumni Scholarship • SD Opportunity Scholarship • SD CORP Scholarship • ROTC Scholarship • Albert Walther Scholarship • PFIA Scholarship • Gunderson Art Scholarship • Ullyot Scholarship • Indian Health Scholarship • Catholic Daughters Scholarship • Communities Triangle Foundation Scholarship • Track and Field Scholarship • American Indian Education Fund Scholarship • Law Honors Scholarship • Thomas & Courey Scholarship • Medical Alumni Student Scholar Program Scholarship • National Merit Scholarship • Ethel Gunderson Vocal Scholarship • Math Department Scholarship • Hylland Scholarship • Postma Scholarship • Economics Scholarship • USD Lakota Scholarship • Forresters Competitive Scholarship • Borris Scholarship • Hattersciedt Scholarship • Bush Education Scholarship




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