Letter from Scholarship Director - Lauren Lavin

Here at Kappa Alpha Theta commitment to academics is held as a top priority for each member of the chapter. This is why I, Lauren Lavin, was thrilled to receive the position of scholarship director for the 2019 year. I have been so encouraged over my time in Theta to watch how each lady in the chapter has not only pursued her own version of academic excellence but also pushed and encouraged her sisters to be their best selves academically as well. The strive for academic excellence is not alone pursuit but rather the women in this chapter take the passion for learning, education, and success far beyond the four years of their undergraduate college career thanks to the resources and skills used during their time in Kappa Alpha Theta.

Kappa Alpha Theta is proud to continue her tradition of striving for and achieving the highest scholarship for her members at the University of South Dakota. The Alpha Rho chapter has earned the accomplishment of top sorority GPA for 50 out of 53 semesters. Most importantly, Theta continues to dedicate herself to helping every individual woman of her chapter achieve her highest potential. In fostering individual excellence, our women continue to show their academic dedication by helping her fellow sisters.

Kappa Alpha Theta has developed several programs to foster a culture of academic excellence. The Twin Stars Program matches new members with upperclassmen within the same major(s). With this resource, our new members have the opportunity to receive unique and personalized advice on classes, professors, scheduling, study skills, campus resources, and student organizations starting at their first new member meeting. This program also builds a unity by allowing our new members to meet and bond with upperclassmen.

Our chapter continues to reward our sisters’ hard work. To celebrate this hard work, members receive a scholarship pearl upon achieving a 4.0 GPA and a small gift for those who achieve above a 3.5 GPA. Members are encouraged to set personal GPA goals and are reminded of their goal throughout the semester through letters. We also reward top marks on exams and large papers by drawing two names out of the “A” jar at each weekly chapter meeting. One member is given candy and one initiated member receives a designated parking spot for that week.

Over $16,000 in scholarships are awarded to Alpha Rho chapter members yearly by the Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Rho Foundation based on members’ grade point average, contributions to the Chapter, and their achievements on campus. The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation also offers many outstanding scholarship opportunities each year. The Founders Memorial Scholarship is an example of one such competitive scholarship opportunity, and our chapter nominates one outstanding junior every year to represent Alpha Rho Thetas.

The women in the Alpha Rho Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta are dedicated to achieving both scholastically and in spreading good around their college campus. I hope to equip each woman over the coming year with the resources to achieve success and grow their academic abilities even further while remembering that the ultimate goal is to create passionate, inspiring, and leading woman. I believe this truly starts with a dedication to education that I know each of these women has within them. Here’s to year full of love, growth, and lots studying.

Theta Love and Mine,

Lauren Lavin